Wetherspoons – Pop Up Bar

Shipping Container Conversion Projects

As part of JD Wetherspoon’s refurbishment of The Sawyer’s Arms in Maesteg, Bridgend, the pub was looking for a stylish, functional pop up bar that could be placed in the beer garden to meet demand during busy periods.

Working closely with the ISO Spaces team, a 20ft container bar was chosen which incorporated a bespoke hydraulic deck, allowing the Wetherspoon’s team to deploy the bar quickly and with ease, while also allowing them to securely close up for the day with minimal effort!

Chic and in-keeping with the newly refurbished pub, this container conversion provided JD Wetherspoon with a turnkey solution for a fully integrated bar for when they need to meet demand.

For more pop up bar ideas or inspiration, take a look at our digital brochure.

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion5

    A stylish, functional pop-up bar that has been placed in a pub beer garden to meet demand during busy periods

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion4

    The 20ft container bar was chosen as it incorporated a bespoke hydraulic deck that could be deployed quickly and easily

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion2

    Situated within the beer garden of a busy pub, this pop-up bar container conversion provides a real solution

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion6

    The exterior of the container mimicked the inside of the bar. The client wanted something that would complement the area when not in use

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion1

    The design of the bar was sympathetic to the surrounding environment of the beer garden

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion7

    Lighting is always a key component of any container bar, we work closely with you to ensure your conversion has the most impact with its design

  • wetherspoons-bar-shipping-container-conversion8

    The landscaping and surrounding area complemented the container bar conversion