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We were hardly been able to contain our excitement in the build up to supporting french based Hopscotch, for the big reveal of the new Nissan X-Trail; in time for the UEFA Champions League Final 2017. We created this portable stage, with drawbridge, to provide Nissan with a re-deployable product space. WATCH a taste of the live global launch.

Hopscotch set us a challenging brief to showcase the Nissan X-Trail in a way that put the product on a pedestal for onlooking VIPs to admire, on a portable stage. Up against a tight timeline and sworn secrecy; ISO Spaces worked around the clock, as a consultant and manufacturer, of this drawbridge shipping container configuration used for Nissan’s exciting X-Trail launch, on the eve of the UEFA Champions League Final.

Having designed, manufactured and installed the containers for this event; we were proud to be invited to support live proceedings on the night too. So ISO Spaces installation guru, Lee Daniels, and Director, Andy Orr, were on hand to lend their expertise, from rehearsal right through to the live show.

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