Jeep – Experiential Space

Shipping Container Conversion Projects

Passion, freedom, and adventure are the values at the very heart of the Jeep® brand. With this in mind, the ISO Spaces team developed this touring experiential space from a 20ft container. Jeep plans to use its new pop-up exhibition space at lots of summer events, including Carfest.

With such a strong visual representation of their brand, Jeep was keen to make the inside just as good. Kitted out with an Oculus Rift, members of the public can virtually test-drive the new Jeep offering a full customer experience.

This container conversion features a bespoke hydraulic opening front deck, which allows the Jeep team to open up for business within seconds and leaving it totally secure when it’s closed.

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  • jeep-exhibition-unit-container-conversion4

    A striking brand makes this converted shipping container the ideal vehicle for promotion and awareness

  • jeep-exhibition-unit-container-conversion3

    Using a shipping container to promote your brand is a unique way to draw attention

  • jeep-exhibition-unit-container-conversion2

    Eye-catching, modern and fully branded, makes this the ideal solution for increasing brand awareness