Flowbot – Self Service Bar

Shipping Container Conversion Projects

This self service bar container conversion was designed and created for Flowbot Bars, an innovative start-up, company. Their container allows people to pour their own drinks, reducing queues and driving engagement online and on social media. Flowbot is all about providing the customer with an experience they’ll never forget!

ISO Spaces is proud to work with Flowbot, and worked with them to design and engineer a 10ft high cube container conversion which provided them with a turnkey solution for a fully integrated self service bar system. The pop-up bar was carefully engineered to store products at the ideal temperature and dispense them perfectly each and every time. Advanced sensors and metering technology were also installed to record vital information as well as being able to issue alerts when required. For more self service bar or container bar ideas, take a look at our brochure.

The video below provides an excellent example of ISO Spaces making a concept into reality.

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  • Flowbot pop-up bar

    The chic and functional design was right up our street! With an integrated self service facility this pop-up bar provides the ultimate customer experience

  • Flowbot pop-up bar

    The intuitive design allows customers to pour their own drinks

  • Flowbot pop-up bar

    An integrated payment system makes it easy for customers to purchase more drinks

  • Flowbot pop-up bar

    The design of the bar means that more than one customer can be served at once

  • flowbot-self-service-bar-shipping-container-conversion2

    The Flowbot bar was engineered to store products at the ideal temperatures & dispense them at the perfect quality & quantity, every time.

  • flowbot-self-service-bar-shipping-container-conversion1

    A 10ft high cube container conversion provided Flowbot with a turnkey solution for a fully integrated self-service bar system.