Shipping Container Open Air Cinema

Create a unique viewing experience with a shipping container open air cinema. Our container conversions are unique and bespoke. Whether you already have clear plans or whether your vision is more embryonic, the team at ISO Spaces can make your concept a reality. Our collaborative approach to design and manufacture; keeps your vision central in our decision-making. Our open air cinema can be portable or the start of a larger complex.

Our experienced interior architects and design engineers are the best in the business and provide a professional, high quality service that will guarantee your open air cinema is unique, functional and makes the most of the space available.

Don’t feel prohibited by our open air cinema concept. For more examples of similar projects; take a quick look through our digital Retail & Events Brochure.

If you would like to learn more about how ISO Spaces can help bring your idea to life; don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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  • Open Air Cinema

    Undercover cinema screen

  • Open Air Cinema Container

    Front View of 20ft Open Air Cinema Container

  • Open Air Cinema Rear

    Rear View of Open Air Cinema

  • Open Air Cinema Plan

    Plan view of Open Air Cinema

Why convert a shipping container to an open air cinema?

An open air cinema is just one idea. The unique nature of the shipping container allows clients to be dynamic and respond to ever-changing markets and consumer behaviour. By converting a shipping container to an open air cinema, it will mean that when your cinema becomes a success, you can easily add another container to the structure.

Our range

We can offer a range of options depending on the size and location of your open air cinema. Take a look at our shipping container dimensions diagram and table that includes key measurements as well as our brochure.

Our process

Our container conversions are unique and bespoke. We have developed a tried and tested, collaborative process that delivers high quality design concepts to ensure the final conversion is polished and premium-quality. ISO Spaces always aim to exceed expectations.

What next?

  • Have a list of ideas ready in terms of how big you’d like your container to be, the look and feel of the design as well as how you’d like the layout of your cinema conversion
  • Consider the type of finish you’d like, what materials you’d like to use as well as any equipment required and whether you’d like us to supply it
  • Give us a call and speak with our experienced team
  • We will then provide you with next steps outlining our process

Our guarantee

All ISO Space’s containers are meticulously designed and carefully converted in the UK to comply with British Building Regulations if required. In addition, as part of our service, a structural engineer assesses every container conversion before leaving our factory. We strive to drive standards in the shipping container conversion industry and showcase the best conversions in the UK.

If you would like to learn more about how ISO Spaces can help bring your product launch to life; don’t hesitate to Contact Us.