Shipping Container Accommodation

This container conversion is ideal as quick deployment shipping container accommodation.

This 20ft shipping container unit contains everything you could need in a small space, with a separate wet-room area, small kitchen, storage space and single bed. The accommodation unit can also be insulated to building reg standards.

Ideal for portable housing solutions, student accommodation and more.

More ideas and information on shipping container  accommodation, can be found in our latest accommodation brochure.

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Why convert a shipping container into shipping container accommodation?

The distinctive nature of the shipping container allows you to be dynamic and respond to ever-changing accommodation needs. Their versatility means you can easily add another to the structure and expand seamlessly as your marked site evolves.

Our range

We can offer a range of options depending on the size and location of your site.

Our process

We have developed a tried and tested, collaborative process that delivers high quality design concepts to ensure the final conversion is polished and premium-quality. ISO Spaces always aim to exceed expectations.

What next?

  • Have a list of ideas ready in terms of how big you’d like your container to be, the look and feel of the design as well as how you’d like the layout of your site
  • Consider the type of finish you’d like, what materials you’d like to use as well as any equipment required and whether you’d like us to supply it
  • Give us a call and speak with our experienced team
  • We will then provide you with next steps outlining our process

Our guarantee

All ISO Space’s containers are meticulously designed and carefully converted in the UK to comply with British Building Regulations if required. In addition, as part of our service, a structural engineer assesses every container conversion before leaving our factory. We strive to drive standards in the shipping container conversion industry and showcase the best conversions in the UK.