Floating Restaurant

We can even do a floating restaurant: the ultimate dining experience. We can put shipping containers anywhere and where better than on the water. This container restaurant is comprised of 4 x 40ft containers and would sit on a floating pontoon that could be located off any jetty or it could be secured to the seabed and accessed via boat. A great dining experience taking shipping containers back to the water.

More ideas and inspiration toward your floating restaurant shipping container, can be found in our latest catering brochure.

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The distinctive nature of the shipping container allows you to be dynamic and respond to ever-changing markets and consumer behaviour. Their versatile, interlocking design means you can easily add another to the structure and expand seamlessly when your container restaurant becomes such success. As they are already designed to interlock for ease of mobility during transportation, simply emplace them completes structural construction


We can offer a range of options depending on the size and location of your restaurant. Take a look at our shipping container dimensions diagram and table that includes key measurements as well as our brochure: Shipping Container Restaurant Brochure