Container Housing Developments from Concept to Reality

For some time now; we’ve been pioneering shipping container housing developments as a viable solution to the UK’s housing crisis. Through our strategic partnerships with Cargotek and QED, we’re now in the final stages of deploying yet another variant of a containerised development for the capital.

Before the end of 2017, this work in progress will further address the crippling demand for emergency accommodation in the London Borough of Ealing. Container housing developments such as these; allow local authorities to activate previously redundant brownfield sites, as an interim strategy, whilst longer term plans are formulated.

Visit our portfolio page for see one of our fully manufactured and landed container housing developments; at Martson Court, Ealing.

Contact us now; to discuss how ISO Spaces could design, manufacture and install shipping container homes for your next development.

Or more information and ideas on shipping containers housing, can be found in our Accommodation Brochure.